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About us: Mike's Doghouse

Those of you who know me, understand my love for dogs and their welfare. For those who don't, here's a little background about my life with dogs........

My father loved to hunt pheasants and rabbits. This lead to my first dog; a beagle. It was at this time I realized dogs were members of the family and not just a pet.
Dog number two was a hunting Cocker Spaniel. My mother loved him, so life in the house with the family was his good fortune.
A Irish Setter followed. She was a hunting fool and smart as a whip. Pheasants, partridge, and woodcock were her passions in life along with a soft pillow next to the woodstove.
Soon after Ramsey, a English Springer Spaniel, arrived with a bang. A nose full of partridge, woodcock and duck brought a smile to his face. He loved adventure and travel. Together we took many trips around this great country of ours.
Dutch, a German Wirehaired Pointer, came a knocking and made himself at home. He took to training on birds like no other dog before him. The more time we spent one on one the better hunter and better behaved he became.
A Springer Spaniel once again enter my life. I have a soft spot for Springers. I like their enthusiasim for life with man. The more time they spend with the family, the better companions they are.
One cold winter day, a one eyed German Shorthaired Pointer pup showed up. She had lost an eye to a larger dog and needed our love and care. Sage lived fourteen years with us healthy and happy.
Beagle number two arrived and taught me what true dog companionship meant. Niki was at my wifes side every chance he had.

Most recently my wife and I have ventured into a new breed; Spinone Italiano. This is a wonderful dog for the family. Stella and Rosa may greet you on your arrival, so please drive slowly and carefully.

My fondness for all the dogs that pass through the doors of Mike's Doghouse has no equal in the pet care service. Every client becomes a part of my four legged family. I hope to meet and greet you and your dog soon.

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